About Us

We are well experienced team gathered to bring new different fairs and events to second life .
We're here to bring the best designers and products in the gird together ..
We're here to Make difference and brings the best of each designer by requesting new unique themes 

Our team :
CuteandPunk Aries
- Catwa Hair store Manger
-Owner of Melak Fashion clothes line
- Blogger for 5 years

Sweetpreciosa Resident
- Business Dealer
- Manager of Melak Fashion

Marcoooooo Resident ♥
- Melak Fashion Male manager
- Blogger

The agency Management :
CuteandPunk Aries & Sweetpreciosa Resident -------> Owners and Managers

Marcoooooo Resident  ------->  Blogger Manager

Thanks for reading our blog and being interested in our agency 

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